Our prophetic vision

We believe that God communicates with His people today by the Holy Spirit. This can be by means of what the Bible calls the gift of prophecy. A few years ago, Jon, one of our leaders, sensed that God was saying the following to us as a church based Micah 7:1-12 in the Old Testament:

The day is coming when we will have a building of our own. People will come to us from near and far – people moving from bigger places like London and Brighton. Rather than people moving away, we will people moving to us.

As in the days of Micah there is a spiritual drought, but there are nonetheless springs of spiritual life. Many seeds have been sown and the day will come when many of these seeds will come to life and we will see a wonderful harvest.

So we believe that God has spoken to us about him giving us a building to enable us to serve the local community, sending reinforcements to us, even from bigger places, and people coming to saving faith in Jesus. We are praying that these things will happen!