Church Life 25.11.21

‘He lifted me out of the slimy pit’

It was fantastic to have Dave Fellingham speak last Sunday. He is someone who has been in leadership in our wider movement of churches from pretty much the beginning over 40 years ago.

Dave felt he should share about what God spoke to him from Psalm 40 based on his recent experience of being stuck in a bog! While out walking, he veered off the path and ended up deep in the mire. It required 14 people to rescue him, including a specialist team. He was completely stuck and unable to help himself.

Dave drew out how the first few verses of Psalm 40 speak of someone who realises they are powerless to help themselves and have to rely completely on God for deliverance. He also spoke about how when we pray, sometimes there is a delay before we see answers materialise and we have to “wait patiently” but that we need to know God does hear our every prayer. Dave reminded us, again, in relation to the opening of this psalm, that God is the one who has set our feet upon a solid rock – we can depend on him!

Click here to watch him speak.