The Engine Room

Engine Room

Here at King’s we place a very high value on prayer and see it as essential to the effectiveness of all aspects of the church.  What can we achieve and how can we move forward without seeking God?

Just as on a ship all the forward propulsion comes from the engine, we want our interactions with God to direct and propel us into all he has planned for us as a church family.  To that end we meet monthly on Sunday nights to worship, pray and seek God together, confident that he will direct us in the way we should go and empower us to face the challenges along the way.

Engine rooms are places that are hot, noisy, sometimes dirty and potentially dangerous.  We don’t view prayer as something that is safe and boring, but rather something that can involve hard work as we look to God to further his Kingdom in our local community.

If this is something that ignites a passion in you, please come along and join with us, 7pm at The Source.  Dates for 2020 are as follows:

2 February
8 March
5 April
3 May
7 June
5 July
None in August
6 September
4 October
8 November
6 December

We also meet once a month for a midweek prayer meeting 7.45-9.15pm in the Civic Centre.  2020 dates are below:

19 February
18 March
15 April
20 May
17 June
15 July
None in August
16 September
21 October
18 November
16 December

Thursday morning prayer

We also meet up for prayer every Thursday morning 7-8am, at The Source.