Men’s Events

We have various men’s events going on through the year, so please see the program below.  Contact us if you need any information, but we will try to update venues and start times as they become available.

  • 16th May – Men’s breakfast at Jon Scott’s (please contact us for the address).
  • 4th July – Men’s breakfast at Sid Martin’s (please contact us for the address).
  • Clay pigeon shooting event during the summer… date to be confirmed, so watch this space…
  • 12th September – Men’s breakfast at Sid Martin’s
  • 10th October – Walk & pub lunch (venue to be arranged).
  • Blokes Bonfire – Date and venue to be arranged, but an ever popular event during the autumn when the nights draw in.
  • 26th November – Evening meal with an engaging speaker – venue and speaker to be confirmed, but we are hopeful that we will have something of fantastic quality to bring your friends along to.