Church Life 13.10.21

Sunday 17 October 2021

This Sunday we are delighted to have Natalie Williams with us. Natalie, part of King’s Church Hastings, heads-up Jubilee+ an organisation that, in the words of their mission statement, “seeks to equip UK churches to change the lives of those in poverty in their communities.”

Natalie has written several books on this subject, the latest being the excellent A Call to Act: Building a Poverty-Busting Lifestyle. Natalie’s story is one of growing up in poverty and coming to have God’s heart for those in poverty. She has a passion to see churches love and serve their communities and in particular find ways to reach out to those under financial pressure.

This week’s Sunday meeting will be at Holy Cross School (one of two occasions per year where we don’t meet in the Civic Centre). For parking, please use the town centre car park and then make your way along the path by the back of the Tesco to the school’s rear entrance.

We look forward to seeing you.