Church Life 26.03.20

Sermons on YouTube

Dear friends,

We are living in very strange times where social distancing means we cannot gather together to worship or hear teaching from the Bible as we would ordinarily.

In response to these extraordinary times, Ade has made the extraordinary leap in his technical skills to produce a video sermon that will go live on Sunday morning.

We have set it up as a premiere, which means we can all watch it together as if it were live, so if you have a Google account, log in to YouTube and subscribe to the King’s Church Uckfield channel.  You can then comment and chat before and during the sermon!  It also means that if you are late you miss the start… so it is just like the real thing. 🙂

This is as close as we can get to having a communal experience online, so please do join in and even share the link with people that you think might benefit or enjoy hearing our teaching.

The screenshot above is what you are looking out for.  It says 11am, but we think that is a time-zone issue – it should go live at 10am on Sunday morning, so why not log in a little earlier and chat amongst yourselves through the countdown until Ade starts speaking.

We are aiming to do this each week whilst we can’t meet on a Sunday morning, so rather than us send a reminder and link each week, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and select all notifications, or simply save the channel page to your favourites and check in each Sunday at 10am for any videos about to go live.

Where we are watching at home, coffee is probably available during the sermon too!