Category: Andrew Ritchie

Paul’s prayer for the believers

January 27, 2019

Our Philippians series continues with Andrew looking at how Paul prays for his fellow believers, that their love may increase through their knowledge and understanding of God.

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God is gracious

November 26, 2018

Andrew continues our series building up to the birth of Jesus, this time looking at the grace that God extends to his people, particularly examining what we are saved from and saved to.

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David’s legacy

January 17, 2018

Andrew completes his series on the life of David by looking at the legacy he left to his son and his kingdom.

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Dealing with pride

November 27, 2017

Andrew continues his series on David looking at 2 Samuel 24 and how God deals with pride in his people.

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The danger of self

March 28, 2017

Andrew continues his series looking at King David and examines the hidden dangers, consequences and motivation of self-seeking and contrasts this with a life that honours God.

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