We at King’s Church Uckfield are passionate about prayer.

Can we pray for you?  We would love to talk to God on your behalf so please leave a request here and we will pray.

What is prayer?

Prayer is talking with God. We love to talk with Him, sharing our lives with Him and asking for His help and involvement in things both big and small. The Bible tell us that He is always listening and interested in us and what we have to say. Because he loves the people He has made, He loves to answer, to provide for us and meet our needs as we acknowledge that He is the source of everything good.

Prayer can be a conversation. Prayer, like any communication, doesn’t have to be a one way thing! God loves to talk back, encouraging, strengthening and challenging us. Learning to recognise His voice can be a challenge but with support from other Christians and the Bible it is something we can learn.

We can talk to God about anything, anywhere. The Bible reminds us that God knows us inside out and even the thoughts in our heads, so nothing comes as a surprise to Him – we can be ourselves with Him,  sharing with Him the deepest things of our lives. We don’t need to go to a special place or do any kind of ritual to be able to speak to Him.

God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. He is infinitely capable and infinitely powerful so there is nothing beyond His reach or means, so when we pray we can trust that He is able to do something about it. He can transform situations, heal sickness, raise the dead to life, bring wholeness, mend relationships, bring peace, override natural laws and much, much more. The Bible is full of examples of his power, authority and capability.

God is our Father. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, said that we can call Him Father, and, like the perfect Father He is, He loves us and wants to take care of us, if we let Him. While some of us had great fathers, others had fathers that were anything but perfect. Rest assured, Father God is not flawed like we are, but totally faithful, abounding in unconditional love and totally just. He is not fickle and is described as ‘slow to anger’…He doesn’t have a short fuse! A perfect father knows how to take care of his child, how provide for them and how to help them grow up to reach their potential.

We can trust Father God to answer our prayers for our good, even if sometimes not in the way we expected!

Here are some stories from members of King’s Church about their experiences in talking with God and how He has answered.


My son John lives in California and, when COVID-19 struck, was in between jobs so had no income. Although he could pay his current months’ rent, he knew he could not pay the next month, so he asked me to pray.  I shared the need with our Community Group and we collectively asked God to resolve the problem.  Unknown to us, at the exact time that we were praying John heard that his ex-employer owed him some money so he confronted him and was told that yes, some money was owed.  John went to meet the man, and was repaid enough money to cover two months’ rent plus his utility bills.  God answered our prayers for John’s need immediately and not only that, gave John twice what we had asked for.  We serve a generous and loving God! – Sarah


There have been many times when I have asked God for his peace and he has given it, but when the anxiety appears the peace goes. However,  I can remember vividly when I first became a Christian and I asked God for his peace I would receive it then it would lose it, then I would pray for his peace again and I would receive it;  this went on for several weeks until his peace resided in me for good. – Jenny


Our son-in-law was doing a college course but needed some part time work.  He was making lots of applications but without success. We were praying for him and one year before he completed his course he was offered a post which would then continue into a full time post when he qualified.  Even though he had to wait some time, when the answer came it was better than could have been expected. – Dave


Having had a miscarriage,  I was really anxious when I went into labour with our first child. She was positioned back to back which meant I was in for a very long and painful labour and I was advised to have an epidural. Having back problems I really didn’t want to risk it, so, my husband laid his hands on my tummy and prayed that Jesus would cause the baby to change position. When I was next examined she had turned around! My labour was then straightforward and quite speedy, all without needing an epidural, praise God! – Mel


One of the times that God has answered prayer that stands out for me happened after my mum suffered a severe brain injury in a road traffic accident. After the initial trauma and concern over whether she would survive or not she was in what’s called a Post Traumatic Confusional State in hospital for some weeks, and in and out of consciousness. This was a very difficult time, and I met with friends every week praying for her. One night we met and my friend prayed that she would “wake up”. The next morning my dad, who didn’t know about that prayer, rang me and said “you won’t believe it Hannah, it’s like she’s woken up.” My mum went on to make a great recovery, thanks to the intervention of our wonderful God.  – Hannah


We can pray with other Christians. Gathering with others to pray is a fantastic experience as we share and inspire each other as we talk with God. At Kings Church, our prayer gatherings are called The Engine Room, as it is the heart of us as a church and the place we often hear from God as He challenges, encourages and directs us. At this time of social distancing these gatherings are weekly via zoom. Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

Why not try praying. Here is a simple guide to praying

Can we pray for you?  We would love to talk to God on your behalf so please leave a request here and we will pray.

Would you like to talk to someone about this? Please do contact us and someone will get back to you.