Prayer Request Form

  • Thank you for visiting the King's Church, Uckfield, prayer request form.

    Requests made here are reviewed by one of our church leadership team and a summary will be passed on to a select group of members of the church who will pray. If you are comfortable to leave your name (just a first name, initial or nickname) it does helps us when we are praying.

    Please leave an email address or phone number if you would like us to reply to you.

    We fully respect your privacy so the information entered here is securely stored and access to it is limited, it will not be kept indefinitely and will only be used for praying by our select group.

    We would also love to hear how God has answered your requests in response to us praying, so if you feel that God has met with you, or answered, please come back and fill in this form again and let us know what has happened.

  • We get a lot of computer generated stuff here, so you might get asked to complete a puzzle or tick a box to show us that you are a living person.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.