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John 5:16-30 – Life through the Son

Posted on July 16, 2020 in John

The main effect of the invalid’s healing that we looked at yesterday is that it provokes the religious authorities to oppose Jesus. Jesus’ response to their opposition is…

John 5:1-15 – The Healing at the Pool

Posted on July 15, 2020 in John

John frequently links his narrative to various Jewish feasts: the fact that on this occasion he unusually fails to give the specific name of the feast must mean…

John 4:43-54 – Sincere faith

Posted on July 14, 2020 in John

In terms of a person healed from a distance the healing of the official’s son here is similar to the healing of the Centurion’s servant in Matthew 8…

John 4:1-42 – Living water

Posted on July 13, 2020 in John

In order to make the journey north Jesus needed to pass through Samaria, the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel. When the northern kingdom fell to Assyria…

John 3:16-21 – God’s love for this world

Posted on July 12, 2020 in John

3:16-21 are widely believed to be explanatory reflections from John the gospel writer rather than the direct words of Jesus. Some find the statement “For God so loved…

John 3:1-15 – A second birth!

Posted on July 11, 2020 in John

It is possible to link this passage to the proceeding one by suggesting that Nicodemus is one of those drawn to Jesus by his miracles but it is…