Our vision and values

Our Values: Church-life lived-out in response to God’s great grace

  • Whole-hearted – looking to be passionately committed to God and his purposes for us as his people
  • Servant-hearted – looking to humbly serve God, one another, our town, surrounding area and the nations
  • Open-hearted – looking to share our lives with one another, learn together and be changed
  • Generous-hearted – looking to be generous in our use of our time, our homes, our possessions, our money, our skills and our gifts

Our Vision: To see a thriving New Testament church impact Uckfield, the surrounding area and the nations with God’s great grace
As we see from the book of Acts, the early church contains all these elements:

  • A church that is grounded in and shaped by the truth of the Word of God
  • A church that is alive with the supernatural and miraculous activity of the Holy Spirit
  • A church that overflows with God’s grace and is loving and generous
  • A church that is full of faith and expectation for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in and through its members
  • A church that understands the importance of corporate-prayer in making it effective
  • A church that equips people to live out their Christian life in the context of wherever they live, work and play
  • A church that understands that it is on a mission to impact the town, the surrounding area and the nations with the gospel of God’s great grace