Our history

Kings Church Uckfield started in 1983 when a group of Christians in the town who had been significantly impacted by the reality of the life of the Holy Spirit felt it was right to gather together in a way that was in keeping with this powerful experience of God. They had a strong desire to see a church established on New Testament principles. Over the years the church has met in a variety of locations including local schools before the present venue, the Uckfield Civic Centre.

The church was initially led by Simon Pettit before he moved to take-on a church in South Africa. The period from 1990-1998 saw a number of changes in the leadership resulting from God’s call on various people’s lives. In May 1997 Crowborough Community Church was planted out. From 1998 to 2013 the leadership team comprised Robert Thursfield, Jon Scott and Steve May-Miller, before Robert stepped-aside as an elder and Ade Ward joined Steve and Jon as a leader of the church.